To gain a competitive advantage in academic medicine, you need strategic leadership and the ability to recruit and develop the best and brightest candidates, as well as members of your institution. The Academic Advisory Committee-MH is well versed in how to make this happen, with leading thought leaders who have extensive experience in helping universities and teaching hospitals create a long-term vision that maximizes their candidate search efforts, while also strengthening the quality of medical education and training and advancing research in the health sciences.

Our Services

Executive Coaching and Advising

To assist institutions in their planning initiatives, our Academic Advisory Council-MH is pleased to offer executive coaching services from thought leaders who are experts in the field.

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Strategic Planning and Organizational Planning

The Academic Advisory Council-MH strategic planning service provides invaluable insights by listening to the opinions and perspectives of a diverse array stakeholders, in tandem with a review of background materials.

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Executive Search

The Academic Advisory Council-MH can support, assist, and collaborate with institutional leaders and search committees to recruit executive leaders, including department chairs, institute and center directors, deans, and presidents.

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Our Process

Dialogue and Planning.

Initial conversation of the AAC with institutional leaders to delineate the scope of the engagement along with key questions and goals to be explored and addressed.


Prior to, during and following the visit, the AAC will review public and private data sources to help inform the key issues, questions and goals of the review.

Personal Engagement

Based on its discussion with institutional leaders, the AAC meets with institutional leaders, stakeholders and constituencies, alone and/or in groups, to listen and gain in-depth, far-ranging and diverse perspectives to further add additional dimensions to the discovery process. Most visits take place over 1-3 days can involve tens to over a hundred encounters.

Review, Analyze and Report.

During and following the data gathering and visit, the AAC will distill, synthesize, and analyze the insights gathered from written data and personal interviews and then prepare a thorough customized report of its observations, findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Presentation and Follow-up.

Following the submission of its written report, the AAC is available to review the report by phone or in person with institutional leaders or others they designate. The AAC is also prepared to engage in - visits and discussions as needed or requested.